What We Do

Bloom Boost Media is a features local businesses and organizations that are making an impact on our community. We showcase what great people are doing and we tell their stories. Through a network of sources in the media in Lincoln, Omaha and around Nebraska, our goal is to amplify your message.

Whether you want to meet once for advice, you want to make a big push to share your message or simply want to refine your approach, we want to help. Let’s work together!

  • Earned Media

    - Get In The Press -
  • Media Coaching

    - Develop Skills -
  • Digital Media

    - Get Social -
  • Crisis Media

    - Solve Problems -

Our Services

Earned Media

Get attention through local media through unpaid media. Let us do the work of pitching relevant and topical story ideas and interview segment ideas. We also write and distribute press releases. Because we have the contacts, your press release gets in the right hands. There is no generic email list we purchase. We custom build lists for your business.

Media Coaching

Veteran TV journalist Melanie (Bloom) Dawkins can help your business or organization understand why your message matters to the community, identify the story you want to tell, and learn how to deliver your story through traditional and social media. Learn the proper way to respond, and to frame an interview for the best possible appearance. Consultation for clothing and makeup may also be provided.

Crisis Media

Prepare a plan for dealing with a crisis. Don’t wait for bad news to break and damage your image. We offer consulting on who to have in place, connections to make, plus templates for press releases and email, or messaging. Save yourself the damage and come with up an action plan to stop an issue from becoming a crisis.